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2013 Touching Stone Gallery Exhibitions

Celebrating our 100th show!
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Celebrating our 14th year bringing Japanese art and artists to Santa Fe and promoting cross-talk with their American colleagues, Touching Stone Gallery is pleased to showcase the exciting works by five Japanese artists and two Americans in this season.

The series opens in April with Japanese ceramist Keiichi Shimizu. In May, we introduce a talented American ceramist, Jonathan Cross. The month of June sees an interesting two-person show featuring Japanese ceramist Tadashi Ito and Santa Fe painter Sheila Keefe. The energy and aesthetics of these two artists' works enhance each other. In July, award-winning Japanese ceramist Yukiya Izumita returns for his fifth solo show in our gallery. The season ends with another fabulous duo - renowned Tanba ceramist Tadashi Nishihata shows his new work for the first time alongside with his daughter Haruna, noted for her Mingei style pottery. Entire shows are viewable by clicking on the images after the opening dates.
Keiichi Shimizu show

April 5 - 27, 2013
Keiichi Shimizu:  Tanba Modernism II

Artist reception: April 5, 5-7 p.m. 

Noted for his modern interpretations of forms built upon the long traditions and materials of Tanba pottery, Keiichi Shimizu explores three-dimensional interplay of lines and surfaces. His deceptively simple and elegant forms are in fact sophisticated aesthetic expressions, brought forth by use of Tanba clay with contrasting colors and texture.

Jonathan Cross Ceramic Show

May 3 - 25, 2013
Jonathan Cross:  Origin
Artist reception: May 3, 5-7 p.m.

Touching Stone Gallery is privileged to introduce an exceptionally gifted American ceramist Jonathon Cross, whose distinctive pottery that combines traditional wood-fire techniques and innovative forms is destined to gain recognition in contemporary American ceramic art.

Tadashi Ito & Sheila Keefe show

June 7 - 29, 2013
Extraordinary joint show of paintings by Sheila Keefe and ceramics by Tadashi Ito
Artist reception: June 7, 5-7 p.m.

Beauty has no boundary. It can be found across medium, from diverse cultures, geographic locations, and religions. With this in mind, we pair two outstanding artists of diverse media and backgrounds in this extraordinary evocative joint show.

Sheila Keefe is a Santa Fe artist whose mystical, evocative abstract paintings are deeply rooted in Roman Catholicism.

Tadashi Ito is an award-winning ceramist from Tohoku, Japan, whose quiet contemplative ceramic sculptures are inspired by nature and Zen Buddhism.
The energy and aesthetics of the duo complement and enhance each other in this unusual show.

Tadashi Ito ceramic show 

Yukiya Izumita Show 2013 

July 5 - 27, 2013
Yukiya Izumita:  Weathered Beauty

Izumita's exhibition, his fifth solo show in our gallery since 2009, showcases the unique ceramic sculptures of this award-winning artist from Tohoku, Japan. Izumita has gained world-wide recognition for his innovative works inspired by nature and landscapes, where beauty and decay, destruction and renewal are forever and inseparably intertwined.


Tadashi Nishihata & Haruna Nishihata Tanba pottery show 
Haruna Nishihata ceramic show
August 2 - 24, 2013 (Celebrating show no.100!)
Tadashi Nishihata & Haruna Nishihata: Two Generations of Master Tanba Pottery

This marks the 100th show since the inception of Touching Stone Gallery 14 years ago. To celebrate the occasion, we are privileged to showcase the works of two generations from a master potter family.

Three-time winner of the Chanoyu Zokei Ten Grand Prize sponsored by the Tanabe Museum of Art, Tadashi Nishihata is a master potter in the historic pottery center of Tanba. His massive, beautifully wood-fired masterpieces are legendary. We are pleased to introduce his daughter Haruna Nishihata, an accomplished ceramist in her own right noted for her elegant hand-painted Mingei style pottery. In this extraordinary show, father and daughter team up for the first time to showcase the contrasting styles of the duo from this exceptionally gifted family.

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