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Wang Nong

June 4 - July 7, 2010



Song of Silence

A Quiet Journey into Solitude

"Making art is like having a conversation. I like to speak simply.

I like to speak the truth." - Wong Nong



About the Artist

Wang Nong is a Tokyo-based Chinese artist. Born in Beijing in 1953 as the second son of respected Chinese philosopher Wang Sen-Ran 王森然, Wang aspired to be an artist since childhood. His dream was interrupted by the Cultural Revolution, when he was imprisoned for six years in the remote Heilongjiang (Black Dragon River) District, known as the Northern Vast Wilderness in northern China. Without access to painting materials, Wang found respite by mentally painting the austere landscapes in his mind. By the time Wang returned to Beijing in 1975, he had missed the opportunity for a higher education. He felt a great sense of loss for his generation.

To find emotional consolation, he began to turn memories of the Northern Vast Wilderness into startlingly beautiful sumi-e (brush and ink paintings). His bold distinctive style of contemporary sumi-e gradually gained recognition. In 1987, Wang was chosen to represent Chinese artists for a solo exhibition in Holland, on invitation by the Rijks Museum in Amsterdam. His work became part of the permanent collection by the museum. Soon afterward, Wang became the first Chinese artist invited to work in Japan under a new cultural exchange program. He received an award in the National Premier Sumi-e Painting Exhibition. A year later, Wang finally fulfilled his dream and entered a graduate program in Tokyo Metropolitan University. After finishing the program, he joined the National Chiba University as a visiting scholar. In the ensuing years, Wang exhibited widely and became one of the most sought after contemporary sumi-e artists. By the time Wang launched his American debut in Touching Stone Gallery in 2001, he had more than 100 exhibitions in his career.

Wang's paintings are said to have captured the soul of the land. When Wang travels, he rarely paints. Instead, he lets himself absorbed into the landscapes and focuses on his feelings. Back in his studio, he would pour those feelings into his works. Wang's paintings are not mere reproduction of static scenery. They are an intimate communion with the artist. They convey a powerful sense of melancholic beauty and quiet tranquility, tension between unspeakable loss and passionate romance, evoking resonance in the receptive audience. If art is indeed a personal dialog, Wang's paintings are profound eloquent statements, spoken with complete honesty from the heart of a great artist.



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WangNong_Dawn_w.jpg (68533 bytes)

Wang Nong   "Dawn" 2010

 Image size 12.5" x 16" 

Color sumi-e on Chinese paper,  19.5" x 23" pewter wood frame









WangNong_RiteOfSpring_w.jpg (83267 bytes)

Wang Nong   "Rite of Spring" 2008

 Image size 13.5" x 18" 

Color sumi-e on Chinese paper,  20.5 x 25" pewter wood frame







WangNong_Breeze_w.jpg (71527 bytes)

Wang Nong   "Breeze" 2010

 Image size 10.5" x 14

Sumi-e on Chinese paper,  18" x 21" pewter wood frame







WangNong_BetweenHeavenEarth.jpg (53372 bytes)

Wang Nong   "Between Heaven & Earth #3" 2009

Image size 12.5" x 16.5

Sumi-e on Chinese paper,  19.5" x 23" pewter wood frame







WangNong_Misty-Morning_w.jpg (160685 bytes)

 Wang Nong   "Misty Morning" 2008

 Image size 13" x 16

Sumi-e on Chinese paper,  19.5" x 23" pewter wood frame







WangNong_RoadToInterior_w.jpg (150818 bytes)

Wang Nong   "Road to Interior" 2010

 Image size 13" x 16.5

Sumi-e on Chinese paper,  20" x 23.5" pewter wood frame







WangNong_WinterNotes_w.jpg (78432 bytes)

Wang Nong   "Winter Notes" 2008

 Image size 13.5" x 18" 

Sumi-e on Chinese paper,  20" x 25" pewter wood frame







WangNong_Nocturne_w.jpg (114876 bytes)

Wang Nong   "Nocturne" 2008

 Image size 13.5" x 19" 

Color sumi-e on Chinese paper,  21" x 26" pewter wood frame







WangNong_Dusk_w.jpg (75279 bytes)

Wang Nong   "Dusk" 2010

 Image size 9.5" x 13" 

Color sumi-e on Chinese paper,  17" x 20" pewter wood frame







WangNong_AmongClouds_w.jpg (81214 bytes)

Wang Nong   "Among Clouds" 2010

 Image size 12.5" x 16

Sumi-e on Chinese paper,  20" x 23" pewter wood frame







WangNong_SilenceInMotion_w.jpg (93946 bytes)

Wang Nong   "Silence in Motion" 2010

 Image size 15" x 18

Sumi-e on Chinese paper,  22" x 25" pewter wood frame







WangNong_SongOfSilence_w.jpg (98181 bytes)

Wang Nong   "Song of Silence" 2008

Image size 17.5" x 26"

Color sumi-e on Chinese paper,  24" x 33" pewter wood frame




問世間, 情是何物, 直教生死相許

天南地北雙飛客, 老翅幾回寒暑

歡樂趣, 離別苦, 就中更有癡兒女


渺萬里層雲, 千山暮雪, 隻影向誰去

                               - 金庸


Ask the world, what is this thing called love

that makes lovers vow through life and death?

Flying north and south like a pair of birds

how many winters summers have these old wings weathered? 

Through joy of being together and sorrow of parting

men and women get infatuated like fools
You must be saying: 

Amid ten thousand miles of layered clouds

a thousand mountains in snowy twilight

to whom will this lone shadow go?

                                - Jin Yong


Selected Exhibitions (from over 100 in career)

1987  Rijks Museum, Amsterdam, Holland

1989  Gallery Ginza Salon, Ginza, Tokyo

1990  Gallery Tochi, Ginza, Tokyo

1990  Daimaru & Sogo Department Store, Osaka

1990  Sogo Department Store, Nara

1991  Gallery Tochi, Ginza, Tokyo

1992  Tohbu Department Store, Tokyo

1992  Lecture and Exhibition, Nobeoka

1993  Japan-China Friendship Museum, Tokyo

1993  Ozu Washi Museum, Tokyo

1994  Ozu Washi Museum, Tokyo

1995  Ozu Washi Museum, Tokyo

1996  Kyobashi Art Museum, Tokyo

1996  General Culture Center, Nobeoka

1997  Gallery Himawari, Ginza, Tokyo

1998  Izukohgen Museum, Shizuoka

1998  Keioh Plaza Hotel, Shinjuku, Tokyo

2001  Touching Stone Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico

2002  Touching Stone Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico

2006  Touching Stone Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico

2007  Gallery Himawari, Ginza, Tokyo

2008  Tokyo Kaikan Gallery, Tokyo

          Gallery Kizna, Tokyo

          Gallery Mutsu, Chiba



Wang Nong’s Album of Paintings. 1998. Shanghai Fine Art Publisher.




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